Tapping for Peace, What’s That?

02.11.2011| by Tracey

When I turn on the television news or open a newspaper, I inevitably see stories on topics such as war, poverty, and ecologic degradation. These stories remind me of the ongoing disharmony that characterizes human beings’ relationships with each other and with nature, and I know we have a lot of healing to do.

We are bounded by core beliefs that limit our creativity and connection to each other and create these problems. The good news is that the healing can happen. Global change must start within each of us as individuals, and once we have created new beliefs for ourselves, it’s time to move from individual healing to communal, national, and global healing. We can do it as individuals; we can do it as groups.

Maybe, the first step is to recognize that our current troubles are the result of having forgotten how deeply connected we are to each other and to all living things. Through Tapping for Peace you and the communities in which you interact can work to recover the oneness that has been degraded by belief systems that arrest development and leave all of us in a state discord.

Throughout the healing process, Emotional Freedom Techniquestm help us chip away beliefs that result in resentment, blame, and conflict. The new core beliefs that emerge and envelope us, allow us to move away from the self-centered paradigm of childhood and shed the feelings of separation, anxiety, and need.

I look forward to being your partner as together we heal our collective wounds and truly begin Tapping for Peace. As we become more peaceful individuals, we will create peaceful families, peaceful neighborhoods, and a peaceful world using non-violent solutions.

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