Tapping For Peace

01.10.2011| by Tracey

TappingIt’s time to move from individual healing to communal, national and global healing.

Emotional Freedom Techniques™ (EFT) can be utilized by groups of any size or orientation, as a powerful tool for deep healing on all levels.  Core beliefs that limit human creativity and connection are neutralized and released; the group’s capacity for dynamic cooperation and change is activated.

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”  —  Mahatma Gandhi

Beliefs that result in resentment, blame, and conflict with others have sustained a ”movie” that has played in our heads for centuries.  We can stop the projector and throw away that script.  We can acknowledge past events, while choosing to generate new beliefs and attitudes that make those events impossible to repeat.

We can do it as individuals; we can do it as groups.

Imagine what it will mean for any community of any size, to commit to freedom from that old movie.

Pain will no longer be a threat that manipulates us, for we can learn to be conscious in the presence of pain – our own and others’ – and know that we are still safe and alive, united by the intention of living in a peaceful world.

Tapping For Peace

Global economic crisis. War. Poverty. Ecological degradation.  On the surface, it’s all hopeless – but change for the better is possible.

The first step is to recognize that our current troubles are the result of having forgotten how deeply connected we are to each other and to all living things.

Tapping for Peace is a movement for human communities to recover the first consciousness with which we were all born: that active conviction of our unity with everything around us.

Anyone reading this is a long way, in calendar time, from the consciousness with which they were born!  By this time, we have all developed an ego for day to day functions, and a subconscious to store our earliest experiences and impressions, which are the foundation of our self-perceptions and our beliefs.  These early experiences and impressions can be triggered by present day events into manifesting as thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and reactions.

Our first human experience occurs in the womb.

Mother and child are fully symbiotic — a perfect source for the child’s unity consciousness!  The umbilical cord delivers oxygen and nutrition to the child, along with the mother’s thoughts, feelings and energy states as well.  The sound of the mother’s voice, and all sounds around her, also have the power to imprint on the unborn child. The old term for this imprinting is “pre-natal influence.”

Imprinting continues after birth as our caregivers continue to download their belief systems into our psyches, which are like blank hard drives that will later function in accordance with the data they receive.  The belief systems of our caregivers establish the foundation for our individual ego’s self-development.

As infants and small children, we have no sense of self that is separate from anyone or anything else.  Not only is everything about “me,” everything IS “me!”

The messages we receive from our primary caregivers, our family, and our community are stored deep in our “hard drive,” our subconscious, where they become the drivers of all of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

When these messages are threatening and critical, our egos develop all kinds of defenses and false images of our selves and others to protect us from the pain and danger of our situation, and we carry these with us into adulthood.

Early childhood wounding can lead to the belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with us and that the world is not a safe place.  This extremely limiting core belief often leads us to demand that others make us happy, because we don’t know how to meet our own needs.  We become stuck in the “me” phase of our development.

That unhappy child-state cannot connect with others on a genuine heart and soul level, because it is also cut off from any experience of its own potent heart and soul.

We then live in a state of separation and anxiety, always seeking someone or something to take care of us, fearing the loss of that caregiver.  It’s like being trapped in a bad movie, and the only way out is to see the movie for what it is – and change the script.

We change the script individually by taking a journey inward to heal the wounded child within us.  We encounter who we really are, free of the false notions we developed growing up.  As we release and neutralize our limiting beliefs, we expand into unity consciousness, our true and natural state.

No longer experiencing ourselves as victims of fate or family legacies, we are now able to act as agents for change.  Remembering our oneness with all living beings, we begin to engage with others on a heart and soul level.

From here we begin to heal our collective wounds.

Here we begin Tapping For Peace

  • Becoming peaceful individuals
  • Creating peaceful families
  • Creating peaceful neighborhoods
  • Creating a peaceful world
  • Paths to peace Non-violent solutions
  • Unity Building from common ground

Objectives for Tapping for Peace

Developing common goals and collaborating to achieve those goals; providing resources for healing and creating peaceful communities, conflict resolution, non-violent solutions for feuding communities, nations, and the world as a whole.  But we must first heal ourselves and free ourselves of the blame and criticism we have of others before we can fully engage in this work.  Tapping for Peace provides rapid yet effective modes for breaking down the barriers to our own healing and to solving larger issues.

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