Lyme Disease Recovery Support

A Complex And Controversial Condition

Lyme disease is a complex illness that affects us neurologically, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, vocationally and spiritually. In fact, there just isn’t a single dimension of our lives that Lyme disease doesn’t touch. It is an illness with no specific course, and it has so many complicating factors that it still remains a mystery to physicians and researchers alike. In fact, it is a highly controversial condition with many practitioners still claiming that chronic Lyme disease is more a product of people’s imaginations than a real and treatable illness.

In the face of a medical and insurance industry that remains woefully uninformed about Lyme, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose hope. This is especially true when one is experiencing the chronic pain and emotional destabilization that comes with the inflammation of the joints and swelling of the brain that can make Lyme such a debilitating illness.

Without a proper understanding of Lyme and its complexities, practitioners often misdiagnose Lyme related neurological symptoms as mental illness. Then there is the fact that many insurance companies don’t cover most of the treatment that is available. How overwhelming all this can be!

There is good news for Lyme Disease sufferers

We now have the means to use the mind-body communication network to identify, tap into and release the many Lyme related stressors that make it difficult to recover. In fact, chronic stress (often experienced with chronic Lyme) is a leading cause of immune function suppression and adrenal fatigue, both of which aggravate the symptoms of Lyme while interfering with the body’s ability to heal itself. We can work together to identify and release from your system the negative thinking patterns and painful emotional states that create chronic stress and prevent recovery.

I offer an effective client-centered, integrative and comprehensive approach that combines Emotional Freedom Techniques™ (EFT) and other energy psychology techniques with current therapeutic approaches that include cognitive behavioral, positive psychology and psychodynamic paradigms. I also teach mindfulness based meditation techniques that help to induce relaxation, balance energy and restore health.

Mine is an empathic and holistic approach that will empower you to direct and enhance your own recovery process. My goal is to partner with you in navigating the path to recovery and bringing wellness, peace and harmony into all areas of your life. Learn how you can:

  • Break the cycle of chronic stress
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Balance and restore vital energy for healing
  • Activate your body’s own capacity for self-repair
  • Release limiting beliefs and painful emotions that block healing
  • Develop a personalized and effective plan of recovery
  • Cultivate a wellness state of mind for continued recovery and good health in body, mind and spirit

Lyme disease is complex and challenging, but there is hope. People do recover, I did! You may even be surprised to discover that for all the upheaval Lyme can create it can also be a catalyst for a level of personal growth and transformation beyond what seems possible. To walk with you and support you on your way to recovery is an honor and a privilege. I know personally what you are going through, because I had been there myself. I look forward to sharing the journey and working with you on achieving your goals for recovery.