Q: What Is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

A: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)—is a form of Energy Psychology that quickly gets to the roots of our psychological and physical imbalances by literally tapping into our subconscious, limiting core belief system, and releases them. This is the source of our ills and dissatisfaction.

Q: How Does EFT Work?

A: EFT incorporates the understanding of Eastern medicine that our emotional and physical imbalances are created by disruptions in our Chi or energy system.  These imbalances are largely created by subconscious core beliefs that tell us we do not deserve to be happy, well and at peace.  EFT works to restore balance within the energy system by engaging the mind and body in sending new information to the subconscious by pairing positive cognition with the stimulation of key acupuncture points.

Q: Does EFT replace other therapy?

A: EFT is an effective method for healing from past wounds on its own, but if you are participating in other forms of therapy that you find helpful, you can, and certainly should continue with them as well.

Q: Can EFT be used for groups?

A: Yes, members of your group or organization can work together to overcome self-limiting mindsets so that you can work in harmony in a setting that is more accepting and cooperative. You’ll benefit individually and collectively.

Q: What is The Law of Attraction?

A: The Law of Attraction states that energy will attract like energy. Thus, if we emit positive energy, we attract positive energy, yet if we emit negative energy, it will be sure to find us.

Q: What is Divine Potential?

A: This is the energy that is within you to tap into all that you can do and be. It is what we uncover when we shed negative belief systems.

Q: My issues go way back into my childhood. Is it too late to address them through tapping?

A: The very nature of tapping is to address the trauma of our childhood so that we can move forward. Regardless of when and where self-limiting beliefs arise, tapping can be used to replace them with positive core beliefs.

Q: Are there limits to what aspects of my life can be addressed through EFT?

A: You can use EFT in all aspects of life to help you heal (from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, depression, addiction), change (career, relationships, ineffective life strategies), or create (prosperity, well-being, loving relationships). EFT is a powerful tool that helps you take control of your life and live it to its fullest potential.

Q: How will tapping make me feel?

A: When you begin tapping, you may experience a range of feelings such as anger, sadness, or contempt. As you work through an issue, eventually your feelings toward it will become neutral, and it will no longer feed negative, self-limiting beliefs.