Community Building

01.10.2011| by Tracey

Community BuildingWhat if you could live in a world where collaboration and unity were the norm rather than competition and division? How might life be different without the negative perceptions of ourselves and others that limit so many of us in our day to day lives? Tapping for Peace encourages you to move beyond your own individual healing process and to get involved in helping your community to move forward. Many of our communities here in America and throughout the world are divided by cultural, political, racial, religious, and economic barriers. These barriers are created by the false beliefs and myths we have about ourselves and each other. As we heal ourselves, we come to see that we all have the same needs for safety, security and cooperation; we just differ on how we get to where we want to go. We come to realize that criticism, judgment and blame are just manifestations of our pain. When we heal our pain and let go of the false divisions that have separated us from each other, we can come together and collaborate in finding solutions to our challenges. Now we begin to cultivate peaceful, abundant thriving communities. Tell us what community means to you

  • Be the change
  • Community builders share your stories
  • Activities for families
  • Listen to some stories
  • Youth projects
  • Myth Busting
  • Community healing circles

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