Tapping For Peace

Taught by EFT Experts and EFT Universe Certified Trainers: Tracey Middleton and Anita Bains.

This course takes us on a journey that leads from healing ourselves as individuals to deeply connecting with our communities, our country and the world to participate in co-creating abundance and peace for us all.

You will be provided with a variety of tools and techniques for releasing and healing old wounds and traumas that lead to damaging perceptions of self and others. From there you will learn how to connect and collaborate with others to remove the racial, political, religious and socioeconomic barriers that keep us in a state of division, competition and war.

Through the use of EFT and other techniques, we will work together to harness the universe’s energy to transform our struggling world into one of peaceful and prosperous co-existence.

  • $150 for audio (Coming Soon)
  • $250 in person or online groups, no less than 10 people