Divine Potential

Taught by EFT Experts and EFT Universe Certified Trainers: Tracey Middleton and Anita Bains.

Cultivating Our Divine Potential invites women of all ages, races and creeds to experience a unique holistic healing process. Our bodies, minds and spirits loose vitality when the life force is blocked by limiting beliefs. Our belief system is the core driving force that creates our perceptions, which in turn motivate our intentions and actions as co-creators of our reality. Healing limiting and destructive beliefs allows us to take true ownership of our Divine Nature.

Becoming conscious of the sacred love that resides within us all frees us to fully manifest our true desires and to live out the path to which we are most deeply called.

  • $150 for audio (Coming Soon)
  • $250 in person or online groups, no less than 10 people