Beyond Limiting Beliefs

01.10.2011| by Tracey

BeyondWhen Tapping for Peace, the present is no longer defined by the past. We no longer come from a place of lack. We can live each moment to the fullest trusting in the abundant nature of the universe. We come to realize that there are no limits beyond those we impose on ourselves.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

A limiting belief is any belief we have about ourselves that prevents us from living the life we most desire:

  • I’m not lovable
  • I don’t deserve to be happy
  • People can’t be trusted
  • I’m a failure
  • If you’re not with me, you’re against me
  • Nothing ever works out for me
  • I can’t manage on my own
  • I can’t make a living doing what I want

With beliefs like these, who needs enemies?

How Do We Get Beyond Our Limiting Beliefs?

The first thing to understand is that all of our old wounds and core beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind – and they can be changed.

No matter how mature we think we are, core beliefs established in infancy are constantly triggered by daily events, for they are the psycho-neural program that interprets everything we experience. The program’s status quo continues until a disruption – often some form of intense pain, discomfort, shock, or illness – causes us to see that something is wrong and must be addressed.

EFT offers more rapid means for deep-level healing than traditional modes of Western psychology can provide. In EFT, we tap our fingertips on specific points on our body; as we do this, we are directly awakening the subconscious while gently stimulating key acupuncture points so that the mind and body can release, neutralize, and heal from those old wounds that have led us into destructive behaviors.

This energetic stimulation – finger tapping, combined with statement of the problem and a positive affirmation – dismantles the old psycho-neural program and clears new pathways of perception and response within the subconscious mind.

Where Do Limiting Beliefs Come From?

As young children, we are in our egocentric phase of development when we cannot separate ourselves from other people. Therefore, everything that is said or shown to us by the others in our world is “true.”

For example, a parent’s anger means “I’m bad” while a parent’s approval means “I’m good.” To make this even more complex, when parents and other adults in our lives impress their own belief systems into our subconscious minds, their own childhood wounds and core beliefs get replicated in us – very much like copying a computer hard drive. Information is stored and later automatically accessed without any conscious thought on our part.

Accessing this information generates all of our daily thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

In the deep yet gentle healing process of EFT, we let go of old attachments and false notions we have about ourselves and other people, which were based on wounds to ourselves or old “family legacy” beliefs and wounds that were passed on to us.

How Do Limiting Beliefs Affect Us?

More and more health professionals are now acknowledging the relationship between the stressors created by our negative mental states and our physical illnesses. Conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and chronic pain have been linked to negative internal states.

Think about it. How we treat ourselves is in direct relation to our core beliefs. If we don’t value ourselves, then we are not likely to take care of ourselves. So, if a person grows up in an environment where there is blame, criticism, and mistrust, then that person is likely to become an adult with such limiting beliefs as, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m ugly,” “People can’t be trusted,” and so on.

Obesity, hypertension, fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety along with a host of other ailments are all prime examples of the impact our negative core beliefs have on us.

Looking beyond ourselves as individuals, we can see the impact of collective limiting beliefs on the world as a whole. Poverty, war, ecological break down, and the global financial crisis are all reflective of limiting beliefs that emphasize competition over collaboration and blame over understanding and forgiveness. Changing our core beliefs from limiting to nurturing is likely to have huge implications not only for ourselves but for the entire planet.

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