Are You Ready to Free Yourself?

02.09.2011| by Tracey

We’ve all had those moments when thoughts like “I’m not loveable” or “Nothing ever works out for me” rise into our consciousness as if from nowhere. Then, the anxiety, fear, and dread set in and more negative thoughts follow. While such feelings may be familiar, you don’t have to be plagued by these limiting beliefs that prevent you from living the life you most desire.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live each moment to the fullest, trusting in the abundant nature of the universe and realizing that there are no limits beyond those we impose ourselves? You can do that by TAPPING FOR PEACE and leaving the core beliefs you developed in infancy behind while empowering yourself to address obesity, hypertension, fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety along with a host of other ailments that limiting beliefs create for us.

First, you should understand the origin of limiting beliefs. As young children, our egocentric nature leaves us believing everything that is said or shown to us by others. Parents and other adults in our lives impress their belief systems leaving their wounds and core beliefs to be assimilated into our own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of our daily lives. These limiting beliefs cause suffering and strife, yet ridding yourself of these beliefs does not have to take long or be painful.

Through ETF you tap your fingertips on specific points on your body to directly awaken the subconscious while you gently stimulate key acupuncture points. Your mind and body can then release, neutralize, and heal from those old wounds that have led to destructive behaviors.

By combining tapping with speaking verbal statements reminder phrases, you can dismantle the old psycho-neural program and clear new pathways of perception and response within the conscious and subconscious mind. As you heal from your past and the collective past of those who have shaped your core beliefs, not only do you begin to open yourself to a more fulfilling, healthier life, you also impact the collective beliefs of the world as a whole.

I encourage you to unlock your full potential by signing up for my Beyond Limiting Beliefs Workshop and begin a process of healing. I invite you to share your experiences of collaboration, understanding, and forgiveness that will surely be a part of your journey Beyond Limiting Beliefs.

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