Jennifer F., Relationship Coach

Tracey is amazing. I really, really enjoy working with her. She really hears and listens to what I am saying and helps me to understand where those feelings, where those emotions, are coming from. She’s able to do that without any judgment at all.

By working with Tracey I was able to let go of an issue I had been holding onto for the past 24 years. Until I went to Tracey, it was always weighing me down. I could let it go for a little while, but it would always come back.

I held onto that for 24 years, and after a couple of sessions with Tracey, that no longer held me back. I was able to let it go. I think she’s amazing.

Tracey is going to be able to help you break through whatever has been holding you back, to go to the next level, wherever you want to go. Tracey is what you need to give you that push forward.

Darlene L., Mother and Student

I was trying anything and everything, because I knew I needed to heal. I had trauma from my childhood. I took this EFT class for six weeks. At first I was thinking this tapping isn’t going to help.

Everyone noticed a difference from the beginning of the class to the end of the class. Toward the end of class everyone was telling me I was glowing, I was smiling more, I was letting my hair down instead of pulling it tight back. I wasn’t crying all the time. I became more comfortable with who I was and this journey I was supposed to be on.

I still do the tapping. I notice in the past I was caught up in my head. I would worry about am I making the right decisions. Now I’ll just do some tapping, and it relaxes me and calms me, and I just let it go.

Going to Tracey, doing the EFT, sometimes you explore areas that you would never think about. All the feelings come, all these memories, and you are able to release them.

So I feel if someone wants to find their authentic self, EFT is definitely a way of going. Just tapping into it.

Collin F., Investment Advisor

By tapping, I am able to release those thoughts that say I don’t have enough, or that I can’t have enough, or that I don’t know how to get enough.

As soon as you start tapping, and stating these facts, new ideas come to mind about how to release the issue and move to that place of abundance. As soon as I start tapping, things start shifting.

The limiting beliefs start disappearing and are replaced with possibility statements and new ideas for how to achieve wealth.

Angela B., Healer

“Tracey Middleton has changed my life for the better. She took a hopeless lost soul and gave me the tools to bring myself back to life. I had suffered depression for as long as I could remember, I have had more then one therapist tell me that I am too complex and that my issues run too deep for their level of expertise. Tracey was quick and excited to take on the challenge. I have suffered multiple types of abuse and neglect and have been diagnosed with “complex PTSD”. I hate labels. One of the things that makes Tracey so great is that she isn’t into diagnosing or labeling, that doesn’t fix the issue. She is focused on healing. She is focused on the solution and the most effective way for each of her patients to get that solution they are looking for. When I began seeing Tracey I had just gotten out of the hospital after a failed suicide attempt, years of self harm, prayers for death, and feelings of total despair. To top it off I had 2 therapists tell me within a one week time period that I am too complex for them to help. I felt hopeless, lost, scared, alone, rejected, and so many other things. The day I met Tracey there was a comforting energy that she puts off that automatically gave me a sense of calm and a type of peace that is difficult to explain. I have dealt with health issues both mentally and physically my entire life and I’ve never been one to trust any medical professional. There is something about the vibe that she puts off that I felt safe with her almost automatically. She was willing to open up a little of her story to me which made it much easier for me to open up to her. There is no way I would be where I am today without the help of her and the tools and techniques that she has given so freely to me. I went from saying nightly prayers to not wake up in the morning and being angry the next morning when I woke up to still be alive. To a person who honestly can not wait to see what life has in store for me. I am still working through many issues due to the amount of trauma I have experienced in my life and there are good days and bad, but that is a statement I couldn’t make a year ago. There was no such thing as a good day in my world. There were horrible days and days that were unbearable. I am manifesting things beyond my wildest belief’s and I owe it to the love and support and understanding that was offered to me by Tracey. I was willing to do the work so she was willing to help me. As long as you put the tools to work she will guide you to a life that is better then you could probably ever invision for yourself. I know that I have and I am continuing to improve daily. I can not thank Tracey enough for all she has given to me.”

EFT Universe Train the Trainer comments:

“Energetic, clear, competent, enthusiastic, engaging.”


“Excellent confidence.”

“Very good knowledge and practical experience to share.”

“She is flexible with the audience and able to get back the program.”

“She knows her material well.”

“Inviting and handling questions from the audience was a strong point of her presentation.”